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Problems with iCloud sync

Some people have reported problems with the iCloud sync, having data not show in iOS or Mac after being added in the other app.

Try these steps to reset the sync:

  1. Make sure you have iCloud Drive enabled on all the devices.
  2. Make sure the iCloud sync toggle is on/green in both the iOS and Mac apps (Menu -> Settings).
  3. Turn the toggle off and on on both apps. Don't close them right away.
  4. Change the date filters and see if the data updates (sometimes the data won't show until you "refresh" the list view)

If that still doesn't work, reach out to me.

Problems with CSV import/export

If you're having problems importing or exporting a CSV (file not included in the email the iOS app generates, or an error showing for the Mac app), make sure your expenses and expense types don't have any special characters (like ç, à, or ë, for example).

This is a bug that will be fixed in a future version of Oikon.